Integrating sustainability next to the day-to-day business is difficult. Especially with the rapidly changing challenges and business opportunities.

Let us help you to embed sustainability within your organization: we act as your in-house sustainability manager, as part of your team and work with you on any challenges (or opportunities) you are facing.


We call it Sustainability as a Service.

TRG SaaS Approach

What is Sustainability as a Service (SaaS)?

We believe that every company is working to towards a more sustainable business model. However, as sustainability is such a broad and complex topic, one company might be in need of knowledge and skills regarding sustainable procurement, circular innovations, or inclusive HR practices. While another organization is in need for someone who can guide a company in taking the first steps, or someone who can actively work on embedding sustainability throughout the organisation.

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Sustainability as a Service offers a solution to exactly that: a service, customized according to the needs of your business. We bring one of our young consultants with a hands-on working attitude to the table to act as your in-house sustainability manager. The consultant is chosen based on a fitting professional expertise and educational background in line with your business or product and is guided by an experienced TheRockGroup partner.

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The availability of the consultant is flexible and scalable to your business demands, from a few days per week to a few hours a month. With a motivated and diverse team, we can extend our service easily.


We’re in-house and there when you need us.

What does that mean for your business?

Depending on the kind of business you are running, there are various points of departure to start. Some examples of what acitivites we can work on with you within Sustainability as a Service:

Integrating sustainability in external communication in order to boost sales.

By for instance hosting a workshop or training for your sales employees.

Redesigning a (take-out) menu to reduce food waste and packaging

For instance with the focus on using sustainable ingredients.

Working together on strengthening the brand image with sustainability

By for instance creating a solid communication plan.

Improving the sustainable procurement policy

By for example creating a code of conduct for your company to embrace and share.

Why should you make use of Sustainability as a Service?

From our experience, Sustainability as a Serivice offers many benefits for companies and organisations:

Efficiency & Effectiveness

Sustainability as a Service is more effective and efficient than hiring a sustainability employee. WHY?

Goal Achievement

We have your companies’ best interest at heart and strive to support your organizations in its goals.

Industry Insights & Trends

This is simply a result of the many different projects we do with a broad range of organizations across industries as well as educating and training students, young professionals and board members.

Input from Partners

One of our experienced TheRockGroup partners guides the consultant and keeps overview whether our service delivered is according to the promises we made.

See what our clients say about SaaS!

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Are you ready to use Sustainability as a Service?

Would you like to embed sustainability into your organisation or strategy? Or do you have questions regarding your current strategy? Our partners are more than willing to discuss these topics with you and see where TheRockGroup can help your organisation.

Give us a call or leave a message, we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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