Waste Transformers - Hong Kong

The Waste Transformers offer an innovative local solution for organic waste streams like food waste or sewage sludge. They offer modular solutions to transform waste into energy (gas, heat, electricity combination). Thereby facilitating the circular economy in locations that are otherwise difficult to service.

We explored the business opportunities in Hong Kong for The Waste Transformers to enter the market and create a sustainable impact. This resulted in several concrete leads and a leading Hong Kong University to take the initiative to realize an installation on their premises, being the first in Hong Kong to utilise this technology.


Hong Kong has an enormous quantity of food waste and due to the densely populated urban area it is difficult to create viable solutions to deal with this food waste locally. TheRockGroup worked in Hong Kong on realizing the Circular Economy. Our work with the Waste Transformers is one example of how we try to bring pragmatic hands-on solutions into realization.

Our Work

We’ve worked with different departments of the Hong Kong government and helped them to create decentralized, nutrient and energy hubs by converting residual waste streams into energy, whilst recovering (on-site) the natural resources and water in the waste.

Next to an extensive market study and an in-depth exploration with potentially interested companies in Hong Kong, we did an assessment of the Hong Kong regulatory infrastructure to realize the solution in Hong Kong. This encompassed a wide series of interviews and discussions with government officials, civil society leaders, business and University representatives.