University of Amsterdam

Since 2006 we have been active in designing, organizing and teaching education. Always interdisciplinary, always related to sustainability related topics. Over the years we have worked with more than 500 UvA students from a wide range of disciplines, cultural and personal backgrounds. In our teaching work we have engaged hundreds of experts from Academia and other sectors. With this we contribute to inspiring, challenging and guiding people towards playing their own role in the transition to a fair and sustainable society and economy.


Our educational expertise at the University of Amsterdam began with supporting several professors in organizing a course on different discourses around the renewable energy debate.

At this moment, we’ve worked on the design, development and teaching formats of a range of courses at the University of Amsterdam, including: CSR in practice, Aid & Trade in agricultural value chains, water governance, Innovation in practice, transitions in the 21th century, Science in Practice (circular economy), Extinction, The Tesla Minor.

Ever since the start of TheRockGroup, we brought in these educational activities and inspired others with our growing expertise. Today education is one of the main pillars of our approach to drive the sustainable transition in business and society.

Our approach

We often initiate our own education, working mostly with the Institute of Interdisciplinary studies of the University of Amsterdam on innovative teaching.

Working with different types of students and different objects of study, we aim to approach Academic education more integrally than usually happens. We use the outside-in principle where students are supported by specialists and organizations from our own network. Next to that, we take personal development as one of the key-points of our education; we work in a personal way with students and help them to find ways to use their interests and talents to develop an attitude and find a direction that helps them to critically reflect on the world.

This results in a close network of alumni that help each other to utilise their knowledge and talents in a way that creates value for them and other people.

Areas of expertise