Sungevity International - Sungevity’s first impact report

TheRockGroup assisted Sungevity International in making an impact analysis and sustainability report. We also helped set up a reporting cycle to strengthen and deepen Sungevity’s sustainability proposition. In the reporting cycle we put the focus on incremental improvements.  


Sungevity International is a social enterprise specialized in solar systems for individual households. The company operates in a sector characterized by rapid technological and regulatory changes and strong competition. Sungevity’s mission is to help as many households to make the switch to sustainable, self-produced energy to save as much CO2 emissions as possible. This mission has, next to its day-to-day business, led to many sustainable and social initiatives, such as the free ‘Climate College Tour’, the foundations ‘the School Rooftop- and Rental Rooftop Revolution’ and the training of refugees to become solar panel installers together with The Refugee Company. Sungevity Intl was looking to take the next step in their sustainability ambitions, to examine its own achievements and to identify any areas for improvement. 

Sungevity contacted TRG with a specific request: they were looking for a mentor for their recently appointed impact report coordinator during the whole reporting process.

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Our Work

  • TRG served as a mentor and soundboard for the Sungevity impact report coordinator. Some questions that were posed where: How to involve stakeholders external stakeholders? And, how do you find and activate the internal players that you need to make a project a success?
  • We also gave feedback on the reporting methods and structure, and the correct use of the GRI standards. 
  • TRG helped Sungevity Intl with creating a materiality matrix to determine which topics are important to act and report on. 
  • We provided input for setting sustainability goals and KPI’s.
  • We put a focus on designing of a reporting cycle, including a system of continuously collecting and storage of sustainability data so sustainability performance can be easily tracked and reported on. 
  • During the reporting process, two areas were discovered on which more knowledge was wanted. The creation of master student research positions, on sustainability in the solar panel supply chain and on how to motivate solar panel installers to take sustainability into account into more, does not only provide Sungevity with valuable information, but also makes the company a forerunner in the Dutch solar sector on those two topics. 

Read the entire report here: Sungevity Impact Report 2018.