Sustainable Inclusive Business (SIB)

Through the collaboration between TheRockGroup, SIB, and KEPSA, Kenyan businesses have access to sustainability, business, and risk advice to allow for a more inclusive and sustainable market.


Kenya’s economy is growing rapidly in the areas of tourism, agriculture, horticulture and IT business. The best and most desired way for the Kenyan economy to grow is sustainably. In the interest of this KEPSA, the Kenya Private Sector Alliance, has asked the Sustainable Inclusive Business (SIB) consultants to provide training for local businesses and entrepreneurs. With the aid of local SIB consultants they hope to support the sustainable growth of Kenya’s industry. However, in some cases SIB consultants need advice on projects and market opportunities.

Our Work

TheRockGroup has a long-standing relationship with SIB in collaboration with KEPSA. We participate in yearly trainings and workshops in Nairobi for SIB on the topics of sustainable tourism, sustainable logistics and waste. We also train local professionals to assess opportunities and risks in sustainability for local Kenyan companies.