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SDG Traineeship - the first in the world!

TheRockGroup, together with the SDG House Network launched the very first SDG Traineeship in the world in March 2021. During the traineeship, trainees are working for a client to gain experience in the practice of sustainable entrepreneurship. During the 15-week program, each team receives a specific assignment from a client, which they work on as a team under the guidance of TheRockGroup.


In 2015, all member states of the United Nations agreed on a progressive vision of the future for 2030: a sustainable world where everyone feels at home. To actually achieve this, 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been developed. The SDG Traineeship offers tools to both trainees and companies, organizations and municipalities to accelerate the achievement of the SDG’s.

The goal of the SDG traineeship? Accelerate the transition to a sustainable and fair economy by working on the SDGs together with students, young professionals and clients.


Our Work

TheRockGroup and SDG House Network have initiated the SDG traineeship to accelerate the integration of the SDGs in business and the public sector. Meanwhile supporting 125 young professionals per edition in taking steps towards a (more) sustainable career.

Within the SDG traineeship, TheRockGroup is responsible for developing the educational aspect of the program as well as guiding and training the trainees. The training that the trainees receive focus on effective collaboration, consultancy skills and sustainable career development.

In addition to the training, the trainees have weekly contact with their TRG supervisor as well as SDG talks every Tuesday evening. The goal of the SDG talks is to share knowledge and ‘real life experiences’ with all trainees, so that throughout the program they get more and more tools to develop their own career.

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