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Roze Bunker

TheRockGroup is co-entrepreneur of soda-innavator en ‘fruit butcher’ Roze Bunker. The start-up uses leftovers to make new syrups, using for example leftover madame jeanette peppers and ginger root. With the pulp, another start-up, Twisted Jams, creates a fantastic zerowaste jam. Rebottled then takes the used bottles and turnss them into unique glassware. Roze Bunker offers a perfect example how start-ups, especially when collaborating and working together, can achieve more and accelerate the transition to a circular economy.


Roze Bunker once asked themselves the question: “How can we change the concept of soda?”. They wanted to replace regular soda’s to stop unnecessary transport of water. Why transport water when tap water can easily be used to produce a local soda? After deliberating and looking into different options, they began to develop a delicious syrup. But it is not an ordinary syrup! It is made from ‘logical fruit’ and can be combined with liquids to make a tasty fresh drink.

Because the founders care deeply about sustainability, they wanted to tackle several issues with their product. They’ve proven that making an excellent product is possible, while at the same time minimising fruit waste. Using fruits from local farmers also reduces transport costs and pollution. On top of that, they eliminate plastic packaging by relying on tap water and offering their syrups in glass bottles. The team of Roze Bunker continuously experiments to see how the taste and sustainability of their product can be enhanced.

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Our Work: Co-Entrepreneur

Within the business of Roze Bunker, TheRockGroup takes on a role as a co-entrepreneur and investor in the company. We have a vested interest in the expansion and success of The Roze Bunker. We support their idea and work together with Roze Bunker on the logistics of its business to develop and expand operations further.

Roze Bunker’s business is growing and gaining more interest. For instance, their syrups replaced soda’s at Festival De Parade. Interested in tasting one of their syrups? Go visit the website and see where you can buy it!

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