Regenerative Agriculture Research Program

The Regeneration Academy offers hands-on course in regenerative agriculture. In the Regenerative Agriculture Research Program, students and researchers are able to come together. They learn while doing valuable research on land, a large farm in La Junquera, South of Spain. The Regeneration Academy is a beacon of hope, proving that agriculture can have positive effects on the land when practiced properly. In a region facing many environmental issues related to intensive farming, they focus on being an example of the possibilities and benefits of regenerative agriculture.


TheRockGroup is one of the founding partners of the Regeneration Academy. Regeneration Academy and Located on the La Junquera farm in Murcia, Spain, TheRockGroup work together on developing and executing regenerative agricultural programs.

TheRockGroup, Regeneration Academy, and EIT Climate-KIC are working together to create impactful programs in the region. After the continued success of this program, TheRockGroup and the Regeneration Academy, with funding from EIT Climate-KIC, are exploring the possibility of creating two new programs in the region, launching in 2020. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us in case you want to know more about the upcoming programs or would like to apply.

Group picture of young people standing on a field with trees in the background

Our work

This recently published article by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality gives a nice overview of how the projects provide entrepreneurs, students and local youth with the means to bring about positive change through a transition to regenerative agriculture. The knowledge gained through cooperation between the Netherlands and Spain is shared with the most important stakeholders. These include local farmers, entrepreneurs and universities such as Wageningen UR and the University of Utrecht. Meanwhile, La Junquera has become a demonstration farm where interested people from Murcia and surrounding provinces regularly come to have a look.


Watch the movie about the Research Program and also see our educational project on Circular Economy that we developed for the University of Amsterdam.


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