Port of Amsterdam - Biodiversity Strategy

With the help of TheRockGroup the Port of Amsterdam created integrated reports focussing on biodiversity and CSR related topics. With the information from these reports the Port of Amsterdam is aware of what sustainability issues material to them and their business.


The port of Amsterdam has been an important economical factor for the Metropole Area of Amsterdam, with its 34.000 employees, 97 million tonnes of trans shipment and over 150 sea cruises a year. Playing such an important economical role their sustainability policies have a large impact on the economy and environment. TheRockGroup and the Port of Amsterdam work together on a structural basis to improve the sustainability policy.

port harbor cargo ships

Our Work

Our team worked with the Port of Amsterdam to design and embed their first corporate responsibility and biodiversity strategy and initiate their first sustainability reporting cycle that also implemented OECD guidelines and GRI strategies. For implementation of the OECD guidelines TheRockGroup supported not only the Port of Amsterdam, but did exploratory research on the impact of the OECD guidelines for all Dutch Seaports.