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The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS) - Minor Sustainability in Business

Since 2012, TheRockGroup has been involved in the minor Sustainability in Business at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Together with lecturers of THUAS, we design and execute this minor once a year. The minor gives an international group of second year students from different fields of study insight in how to implement sustainability in business. This is done through lectures, guest lectures by business experts, case studies and the writing of a sector report in groups. At the end of the minor, the students are equipped to bring sustainability into their further studies and career. 


Sustainability education is one of the three core business lines of TheRockGroup. Our continuous collaboration with The Hague University of Applied Sciences fits very well within our educational vision. We believe that sustainability education is essential for the transition to a sustainable economy and society. By bringing practice into the classroom, we engage students and help them discover what issues businesses face with regards to sustainability. 

The THUAS was searching for a partner to continue and further develop the minor Sustainability in Business. By bringing in our expertise on embedding sustainability in business and our extensive network of sustainability professionals from the corporate world, we successfully bring practice into the classroom every year.

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Our Work

  • Development and execution of classes on sustainability in different parts of the business process, such as sustainability in the supply chain, marketing, human resources, operations, finance, and strategy.
  • Development and execution of multiple interactive case studies based on real-life sustainability cases from the business world. The students step into the role of different stakeholders to develop a throughout understanding of the issues and trade-offs these stakeholders face. Examples: The Dutch Gold Covenant, Beer Girls, Bangladesh Factory Collapse, and Microbeads. 
  • Closely working together with the THUAS to ensure continuity within the minor, attract the most fitting guest speakers and improve the minor every year.
  • Co-writing and marking of the exams.