IKEA Foundation - Portfolio Strategy Support

Climate Change is a pressing issue for all but especially for those with minimal resources and vulnerable to its effects. This is the group the IKEA Foundation focuses on through their projects and grants through their portfolio areas focusing on food/agri, energy, livelihoods and entrepreneurship. However, climate change, a confronting and fast approaching threat, was missing from these portfolios. This is why TheRockGroup supported IKEA Foundation in a review of their portfolios to incorporate Climate change into them. As a result Climate Action is now a 5th portfolio category under which the foundation is making a difference though their strategic projects and grants.


IKEA Foundation is has 4 different portfolios under which they fund projects and make grants to make a strategic difference in their impact areas. Recognizing climate change as an issue that needed addressing they asked TheRockGroup to help them review their current portfolio and strategy to find a way to integrate climate change into the portfolio and see how each portfolio can have an impact on climate change.

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Our Work

TheRockGroup was asked to do a quick review of IKEA Foundations’ current 4 portfolios with the aim of finding a way to incorporate climate change into their actions. Through a benchmark review of other foundations and granting agencies around the globe we made a recommendation to IKEA Foundation on how best to address climate change through their work. As a result a 5th portfolio was created focusing on Climate Action.