IJ Market

The market served as a platform for local business and the exchange of good quality products at a fair price. It also created a sense of community, community culture, and gezelligheid for the local IJburg inhabitants.


The area of IJburg is a relatively new neighbourhood with inhabitants from many different areas. This makes the area different from other parts of Amsterdam since it doesn’t have the same social cohesion other areas of Amsterdam have created over a long period of time. The city of Amsterdam wanted to facilitate the creation of a local community and ‘gezelligheid’ for the area of IJburg. To do this they wanted to implement a local weekly market which would create a meeting spot to trade and exchange local goods.

Our Work

For the last two years, TheRockGroup participated in the creation and facilitation of the market which has now ended. The market was extremely successful. The market created a platform in which locals could buy and sell good quality items at a decent price. Typical goods included cheese, fruit, vegetables and flowers. The market also had small attractions such as coffee vendors which provided a place for locals to come together and interact in their community. The market was also successful from an environmental standpoint as it was the first market in Amsterdam to disallow the use of plastic bags.