ERIKS - Roadmapping

It is challenging as an international organization to set ambitious sustainability goals that are simultaneously applicable and reachable for all country operations. This is the challenge ERIKS global was facing and the challenge they asked TheRockGroup to support them in finding a solution for. Through a series of interactive sessions we supported the company in determining themes, setting goals, and roadmapping how to reach those goals.


ERIKS is an international company with offices in many different countries. They were encountering a challenge at the global level on how to set a standard and goal for sustainability that was valid and ambitious enough for all countries given the diverse environments in which they worked.

Our Work

TheRockGroup was asked to support ERIKS and give input on their upcoming themes, ambitions, KPI’s and how to achieve these ambitions in a series of interactive workshops. The outcome of these workshops was to be presented to the board for approval and eventual implementation. The workshops were a success leading to the creation of a road map for ERIKS on their sustainability topics.