DSM-Niaga - Crowd Auditing

Transparency is a hot topic nowadays and for industries that are usually closed off to the public and shrouded in secret it is difficult to implement it in their business. TheRockGroup supported DSM-Niaga, a circular carpet company, in designing and implementing transparency in their business and production process. 


DSM-Niaga is an innovative company providing truly circular carpets without harmful VOC’s and other dangerous chemicals. Furthermore their revolutionary adhesive allows carpets to be recycled and circular. This makes them stand out from their competitors in their industry. However, due to confusion about certifications customers and consumers often don’t recognize that DSM-Niaga is different from the rest of the industry. That is why DSM-Niaga used TheRockGroup to explore options for radical transparency in their business and support them in the implementation process as a way to make waves in the industry and distinguish themselves from the competition.

Our Work

DSM-Niaga asked for support in developing a transparency initiative, overcoming obstacles (internally and externally) and successfully implementing the transparency initiative within the company. 

This was accomplished through presenting a series of options for transparency in business and discussions with the client about those options which lead to a tailor made transparency initiative for DSM-Niaga. We then conducted a series of internal onboarding sessions to hear and address concerns of the team before the implementation of the transparency initiative. 

The goal of this work was to gain notoriety for DSM-Niaga and distinguish them from competition that despite having a circular certification did not produce carpets that are circular or recyclable in practice. The project is still ongoing however it is part of an even bigger transparency initiative at DSM Niaga. Once our project is complete external visitors will have the opportunity to visit the production hall at DSM-Niaga which is revolutionary in the carpet industry.