DELA Cooperative - Carbon Footprint Measurement

TheRockGroup helped DELA cooperative (‘coöperatie DELA’) via a carbon footprint measurement, in order to get a reliable measurement of the footprint in their journey towards carbon neutrality. After the development of the carbon footprint, TRG continued to work with DELA on the implementation of sustainability measures.


DELA is the main funeral and funeral insurance provider in the Netherlands and is also active in Belgium and Germany. A core part of their identity is mutual solidarity and the intent to take care of each other. That also implies preserving the worlds’ natural beauty for the current and future generations. DELA started with a CSR program in 2015 and set the goal to be carbon-neutral by 2030. With this clear end goal in mind, TRG supported DELA in developing the roadmap for the transition that is required to meet this goal. TheRockGroup was asked to develop a carbon footprint methodology and help measure the environmental impact of each funeral. 


Our work 

TheRockGroup designed and built a CO₂ footprint model for DELA, taking into consideration the following aspects:

  • Reliable: The methodology is based on the internationally recognized Green House Gas Protocol.
  • User-friendly: This was crucial to ensure that the footprint is easy to use and the sources of all information can be easily found. This also results in an accountant auditable model for non-financial reporting purposes.
  • Action-oriented: Dashboards provide insight in which departments and locations have the biggest emissions

Based on the results of the measurement, TheRockGroup advised on concrete quick wins to reduce DELA’s footprint. After this, TRG has continued working with DELA on other sustainability themes, for example working on sustainable procurement.

Read more about DELAs CSR ambitions here (only in Dutch).

“The importance of carbon neutrality needs no explanation. Setting a goal is easy but reaching that goal requires collaboration, creativity, persistence and a solid plan. We owe it to our cooperative members and society as a whole to make ambitious but achievable plans and follow up on them. I’m glad that a profound partner like TRG supports us in this process.

Ilse van de Voort, CSR manager DELA