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IHE Delft Institute for Water Education – Guest lecture on Corporate Social Responsibility

For several years now, the TheRockGroup has been invited to provide a lecture on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to an international group of water management professionals and students at IHE Delft Institute for Water Education. Within one day, the students learn what CSR entails and come up with practical solutions for sustainability issues and global trends they worry about.


The guest lecture is part of the course Industrial Resource Management and Cleaner Production and the course Industrial Water and Resource Management, educational programmes at the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education. These courses introduce the concept of Cleaner Production in the context of the water cycle and focuses on the careful use of the resource water. Most of the professionals are not familiar yet with CSR and what it means in the context of water management. Based on TheRockGroup’s broad experience in teaching and projects in the field of CSR, the lecture gives professionals insight into the importance of CSR and how it’s being put into practice.

Our Work

The main purpose of the guest lecture is that the international group of students and professionals understand what corporate social responsibility entails. The lecture starts with understanding the CSR concept and ends with a practical assignment. TheRockGroup does this in a very interactive way, using case studies, videos and short reading materials for group assignments and discussions. The lecture covers examples from big companies to small start-ups from different sectors, with a special focus to water management. Besides teaching the professionals and students about the CSR concept, TheRockGroup aims at inspiring the participants to put this new knowledge into practice. This has lead to the participants sharing many interesting ideas during the lecture and several requests from students about possible internships and research within CSR: a concept some of them had never heard about before.