CIEE gives American students a first intro into Dutch business and sustainability. TheRockGroup teachers help students realize their own leadership skills critical to the governance of sustainability in todays contemporary world and into the future.

From this course the students are able to take their training in sustainability and apply it in future business ventures to create a more sustainable business and economy. Through this program we have reached over 100 American students in the past 4 years.


CIEE, based in Portland USA, is the world leader in international exchange since 1947. They offer students, professionals and educators the most comprehensive and relevant programs. CIEE operates over 175 study abroad programs in over 40 countries including the Netherlands. The CIEE Amsterdam course is in Business and Sustainability.

Our approach

Here in the Netherlands we are known for our excellence in sustainable business practices, recognized by both national an global companies. That is why TheRockGroup and CIEE together designed a program for students interested in learning more about the new, up and coming world of sustainable business, in a country of unique cultural and societal characteristics. A combination of classroom work, guest lectures, company visits/excursions and community engagement activities provide students with first-hand experiences to better understand the Dutch sustainable business culture.

During the business and sustainability course students learn about sustainable business in the Netherlands and throughout the world. The course begins with an overview of culture and history that gives context to the contemporary sustainability and leadership practices here in the Netherlands. TheRockGroup provides guided site visits and discusses successful business case studies and promote creativity and sustainable practices in the business world.

Areas of expertise