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BrouwBrood began with 4 students from the University of Amsterdam taking the course Science in Practice. During the course, the students were given a consultancy case for Brouwerij ’t IJ, a specialty beer maker, to see what could be done with ‘brewers spent grain’. They found that 80% of waste from the beer process is the disposal of the brewers spent grain waste. The students looked for ways to reduce this waste and found that rather than throw the grain away, bread can be made from it. After the course, beer brewery Oedipus in Amsterdam-North had the same idea and in collaboration with Hartog’s Volkoren, a local baker, BrouwBrood was born. By collaborating, BrouwBrood is able turn beer waste into tasty bread in an economical and sustainable way.

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Our Work

TheRockGroup works together with BrouwBrood and has a vested interest in the company. In the past we helped to develop the company further and continue to do so where possible today. Now our role with BrouwBrood is to give advice in the business’s sustainability. We help steer them in the transition to a sustainable economy.


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