AstenJohnson - Sustainability strategy and Implementation support

TheRockGroup supported AstenJohnson in their next step in structuring sustainability globally and executing it regionally through a multi phased project. During the project we supported AstenJohnson and steered the process of creating a new sustainability strategy mission vision, focusing through the use of GRI to come to material topics, and the setting of targets, metrics and KPIs globally as well as regionally. In addition we supported in creating and adapting global policies to reach a more structured level of sustainability for AstenJohnson.


AstenJohnson is a global company in the PMC industry. The industry and its customers are under pressure to become more sustainable. As a family owned company AstenJohnson has always cared about the impact they have on the people they operate with and around. Therefore sustainability is a core topic that is similar to safety needs to be integrated into every aspect of the company.

Our Work

TheRockGroup was steering and guiding the process of creating a new global strategy and policy around sustainability, focusing on material topics using GRI, and creating targets, metrics and KPIs for sustainability topics. Further we developed a roadmap (per region) to reach the targets and supported in the measurements where necessary. TheRockGroup also supported stakeholder/client engagement to share AstenJohnson’s structural progress forward and provide direction in who AstenJohnson could become the preferred sustainable supplier to their customers by adding value to their customers sustainability through their own.