AgriProFocus | Designing a Rural Young Entrepreneurship Program

AgriProFocus is a civil society organization that works to connect relevant stakeholders in the agrifood system to make the sector work for development. It is a network organization and has been reviewing its activities and strategy. TheRockGroup worked with them to explore the potential for an entrepreneurship program for rural young professionals in countries in Africa and Asia.


Food Security is an urgent and complex challenge for humanity: The rapidly growing world population requires worldwide efforts to fulfil everyone’s needs. Members of the AgriProFocus Network are dedicated to meeting this challenge in collaboration. By working together, learning from each other and unitedly pushing for change.

AgriProFocus brings together farmers, agribusinesses, civil society, knowledge institutes and governments. United in diversity, their members show that agribusiness and development are not mutually exclusive.They constantly develop and search for sustainable ways of creating impact with business. Exchanging perspectives and expecting the unexpected. Cultivating collaboration through linking, learning and leadership.

Our Work

TheRockGroup worked with AgriProFocus in mapping the needs of its network members and related stakeholders. Based on this exploration TheRockGroup designed several options for AgriProFocus to enhance its impact through boosting sustainable rural entrepreneurship amongst young people in its target countries. One of these options was further developed into a full design for a Rural Youth Entrepreneurship Program.

Working together with: