Jesse Arnon


About:  Jesse finds his motivation from implementing a business mindset to social and environmental challenges. His experience as a consultant ranges from CR strategy for Dutch multinational corporations to business development projects for SME’s in developing countries. Jesse has a critical mindset but is able to find creative solutions for (CR) business challenges. During his…

Pam van de Klundert


About: Pam joined TheRockGroup with an ambition to work on the implementation of sustainability in companies, as a consultant specialized in logistics, infrastructure and mobility. Before joining TRG she worked for the Dutch government in Singapore researching business opportunities for Dutch companies in the domain of smart cities. After her time there she worked as…

Bertus Tulleners


Distinguishing means from ends allows you to work on the right challenges in the transition to a sustainable economy and society. Phrased differently: don’t screw it up by confusing why & how. About: With an interdisciplinary background in Biology, Human Geography and Industrial Ecology Bertus has over 10 years experience in CSR and sustainable business.…