Together with our clients we gradually transform their companies to make them more sustainable with socially just and environmentally sound business practices. We offer CSR and sustainability expertise tailored to our clients’ needs and support them in strategy, embedding and implementation. With our extensive business experience we understand not only the right theory, but also the business realities. Together we contribute to professionalize the field of CSR.

We work with small and medium sized enterprises, multinational companies and government and civil society organizations.

TheRockGroup Sustainable Consultancy Amsterdam
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Sustainability as a Service

Sustainability as a Service is a special service offered by TheRockGroup, customized according to the needs of your business. We bring one of our young consultants with a hands-on working attitude to the table to act as your in-house sustainability manager. The consultant is chosen based on a fitting professional expertise and educational background in line with your business or product and is guided by an experienced TheRockGroup partner.

Are you ready to implement sustainability into your organisation?

Would you like to embed a sustainable strategy into your organisation? Or do you have questions regarding your current strategy? Then get in contact with us! Our partners are more than willing to discuss these topics with you and see where TheRockGroup can help your organisation.

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