What is Biodiversity?

Biodiversity is the diversity of life on Earth: the diversity between and within species and organisms. We and our economic and social well-being directly depend on life on Earth, the ecosystems it is part of and the services these systems provide. These are the so-called ecosystem services.


In recent years, biodiversity has taken a central place in the global sustainability agenda. You might think your organisation does not rely on biodiversity and ecosystem services, but even when it is not always obvious, we all rely on the survival of ecosystems for our economic and societal well-being. This includes clean air, clean water, pharmaceuticals, soil formation, pollination, and more. The positive impact your organisation could have on supporting ecosystems starts with the question of what you can do. And we would love to help in answering that. Check out our biodiversity quick scan below to find out how we can work together. And if you would like to know more about the approach we take at TheRockGroup, read on under the quick scan!

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Does your business depend on ecosystem services?

Researchers have calculated that $44 trillion of economic value generation – over half the world’s total GDP – is moderately or highly dependent on nature and its services. You don’t believe it? Read the whole report here. How much does your business depend on biodiversity and ecosystems?

It is foreseen that within the next 10 years, financial institutions worldwide will be obliged to identify biodiversity related financial risks (as is already the case in the Netherlands with other EU member states implementing similar procedures). This will impact other businesses’ access to finance.

Deforestation, pollution, habitat destruction, overexploitation of resources, disruption of natural biochemical cycles and introduction of exotic species are damaging biodiversity and the fragile ecosystems we rely on. Within these complex systems, these damages often have exacerbating effects on each other. Many also contribute to climate change, degradation of agricultural soils, and occurrence and spread of plagues and pests.

Bees coming back to bee honey house

Are you able to answer the following questions for your business?

  • Do you know your organisations’ impact and/or dependency on biodiversity/ecosystem services?
  • Do you know where the key dependencies or impacts are in the value chain: in the supply chain, in your own operations or at your clients and customers?
  • Are you taking actions to reduce your impact on and/or dependency on biodiversity?
  • Do you contribute to the restoration of biodiversity where you cannot mitigate your impact?
  • Are you able to track and report your biodiversity dependency and impact?

How does your specific sector depend on biodiversity and ecosystem services?

How your business is connected to biodiversity and ecosystems very much depends on the sector you operate in. Some sectors have a direct impact on one or more drivers for extinction of species and ecosystem degradation. For others, their impact is indirect. In all sectors there are opportunities to turn the negative impact into a positive impact. Whereby also decreasing your dependency on vulnerable ecosystems.

We list more details for four sector examples below, but of course the list is not exhaustive, and includes more sectors such as the chemical industry, logistics, and many more.

Infrastructure and Construction

The construction and infrastructure sector depends on natural raw materials sources from nature. By adjusting architecture, use of materials, suppliers and inclusion of biodiversity enhancing spaces, you can make a big difference in your industry!

Food and Agriculture

Almost 50% of Europe's land surface is given to agriculture and food production. There are mutual and complex interactions between agriculture and biodiversity: agriculture needs biodiversity and it influences biodiversity. The agricultural sector can provide biodiversity benefits through the application of sustainable management systems and the adoption of alternative and innovative technologies and practices.


The packaging industry has an important role to play when it comes to biodiversity. If cartons are going to live up to their reputation as an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bottles, then a focus on sustainable sourcing is essential.

Finances, Procurement and Investments

Biodiversity loss is a source of financial risks and threatens the availability of ecosystem services, such as wood, animal pollination and soil fertility, on which economic activities depend. As a result, banks, pension funds and insurers that finance these economic activities face physical risks.

How can we help you?

Depending on the kind of business you are running, there are various points of departure to start. Some examples of what activites we can work on with you to improve your impact and dependency on biodiversity:

Overview of Your Business' Dependencies and Impact(s) on Biodiversity

What are the ecosystems your business uses? Per ecosystem service we match it to your specific business operations, clearly indicate the risks and the economic impact if these risks are realised

Road Map: Become Biodiversity Positive

What are your biodiversity ambitions? How does biodiversity fit in the strategy and DNA of our organization? What is the appropriate level of focus on biodiversity and how can you do so in the short, medium and long term?

Understanding the Link of Biodiversity to Other Sustainability Themes

How does your work contribute to e.g. the SDGs, the climate agenda, other relevant agendas? Based on an overview we make of your sectors sustainability themes: how do you adhere to the standards and are you reaching these goals?

Workshops and Trainings for Your Employees

Workshops to enhance understanding of and provide perspective for action on biodiversity in their professional role for employees.

The Business Case for Biodiversity for Your Business

How to reduce risks, capitalize on opportunities and enhance your competitive advantage.

Influencing Your Value Chain and Sector

Together, we work on a strategy to influence the rest of the value chain for your specific business and even take it to the next level: Become a game changer and frontrunner in your sector.

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Are you ready to find out how your business depends on biodiversity and what you can do about it?

Would you like to embed sustainability into your organisation or strategy? Or do you have questions regarding your current strategy? Our partners are more than willing to discuss these topics with you and see where TheRockGroup can help your organisation.

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