Our Areas of Expertise

TheRockGroup focuses on eight different areas. We strive to offer tailor-made advise and continuously expand our expertise and knowledge in the different fields.
Choose one of the areas to find out more on each topic.

Circular Economy

The Circular Economy is the only economy that will survive within the limits of our planet. Consequently, it will become the new system to manage the increased material use on a planet with finite resources. Therefore, we help sectors and companies to transform their business and value chains into closed loop systems.

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Circular Economy TheRockGroup

Social & Sustainable Entrepreneurship

In order to change our economy, we need companies that do things differently. We help to rethink value creation, design business models and build and scale that type of enterprises. Find related projects here.

Sustainability Education

Above all, a sustainable economy needs the latest knowledge to be useful in practice. We educate the decision-makers of 2050 and beyond to bring new theories into practice in order to realize a sustainable economy. See some educational projects here.

Good Governance

Steering organizations, sectors and regions towards a sustainable economy requires a different type of governance. We work to bring Good Governance into practice. An example of our work with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Good Governance can be found here


Even when ignoring its intrinsic value, biological diversity is fundamental for the existence of human life. Therefore, we work to create and protect biodiverse ecosystems that can thrive and support the human generations to come. 

Read more about our services on biodiversity here.

Energy Transition

The goal of the energy transition is to switch from fossil fuels to renewable sources such as solar and wind energy. To achieve this goal, we support companies in their transition towards full renewable energy use. 

Supply chain

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights –Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. TheRockGroup helps companies to take their responsibility, comply to upcoming legislation and guarantee responsible business and supply chains that promote and protect human rights.


Corporate Social Responsibility

The only future-proof businesses are those who help solve real needs. We are embedding sustainability, good governance, and fair business practices into the heart of businesses to ensure real value creation. An example of our CSR projects can be found here.