Why We Work

We work on the transition towards a sustainable economy and society by providing tailor-made consultancy. Our consultancy works with all the stakeholders we believe to be necessary to create positive change.

The work we do consists of a combination of our own initiatives and client driven work.

Our services cover working with:

  • Innovators working on microlevel to proof an alternative is possible
  • Key Players in our economy that realize that business as usual should change
  • Educational institutions which inspire and practically prepare individuals and organizations to play a proactive role in the sustainability transition

This brings us to work on micro, meso and macro level in the transition towards a sustainable economy and society.

This image shows the different transition phases during a paradigm shift.

What are we doing on a Macro level?

Pushing the status quo: research and advice, multi-stakeholder projects, education & fueling public debate (public presentations/ publications)

What are we doing on a Micro level?

Development of Sustainable Business: initiation and support of social and sustainable ventures

What are we doing on a Meso level?

Support the regime players in the transition: Sustainable strategy and Implementation support for companies and other organizations

Embedding Sustainability 

We are committed to embed sustainability into business practices. The implementation of our projects on sustainability strategy, sustainable business development and education are our levers to accelerate the change in our generation and those to come. It is our goal to drive sustainability by:

  • Accelerating the circular economy and energy transition
  • Creating a fair and rewarding work environment for everyone
  • Building responsible supply chains that promote and protect human rights and natural capital

TheRockGroup Sustainable Consultancy Amsterdam

Mature and International Consultancy

Over the years our organization and expertise have grown. Through our experiences in roles such as: advisor, interim manager, entrepreneur, sounding board and trainer, we have become a well-known and experienced firm in embedding sustainability into the core of organizations. TheRockGroup’s extensive national and international network, with associates in Brussels, Singapore and the UK, enables us to bring the right stakeholders together for optimal impact. We have successfully completed projects in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.


Broad Industry Knowledge

As an internationally recognized company, we work in a variety of sectors. Such as agro/food, retail, packaging, logistics & mobility, energy and mining, ICT and education. The different educational expertise of our consultants enables us to service an array of clients from SMEs to MNOs and from civil society organizations to governmental bodies.

All our projects are tailor made and serve a wide variety of customers. Our common passion for a sustainable world is what drives us to work together.

Happy Clients

Our Approach

TheRockGroup has a pragmatic and adaptive approach that fits the individualized needs of our clients. Whether it is as an experienced adviser, entrepreneur or interim manager, TheRockGroup adds value to the client’s organization and society through an impact-oriented approach.

We make sure our advice is relevant now and in the future by staying involved and up-to-date on societal challenges and potential solutions. Our continuous focus on expertise development helps us to increase our impact in all the roles we take. We participated in green deals, worked with think tanks, NGOs and progressive multi stakeholder initiatives.

TheRockGroup is as versatile as our client base which includes: multinationals, SMEs, universities, governments, multi-stakeholder initiatives and start-ups. This allows us to create a large network in which we operate and maximize our positive impact on society as a whole through innovative solutions.