These are times of enormous societal challenges. That can be overwhelming or even demotivating to individuals and teams. It is not always easy to see how we can deliver a positive contribution and deal with new risks. 

As an organization we know why we work: we can play a proactive role in the transition to a sustainable and fair economy.

How We Work

We work with professionals and organizations to enable them to play their part in the transition. In short we:

  • Support the individuals we work with to further excel in their work and to steer their organization towards a greater contribution to society.
  • Help the organizations to incorporate sustainability into their core. This allows them to improve their operations, reduce risks in their value chains and to benefit from new business opportunities.
  • Are transforming value chains and sectors to jointly work on a better functioning economy and society.

Our work not only takes place in existing organizations but also in cooperation with entrepreneurs building new ones. In the Netherlands and Singapore. In Nairobi and on the Spanish countryside. In factories and board rooms. In Universities and on the street. We know different professional realities and we know how to make sustainability work within them.

The work we do consists of a combination of our own initiatives and client-driven work.

TheRockGroup Sustainable Consultancy Amsterdam

Working Together

Our services include working with:

  • Innovators working on microlevel to proof an alternative is possible
  • Key Players in our economy that realize that business as usual has to change
  • Educational institutions which inspire and practically prepare individuals and organizations to play a proactive role in the sustainability transition

By working on these different levels we are pushing for the transition towards a sustainable and fair economy.

Transitions: How we make a difference

We use science based thinking of a school of thought called ‘Transition Theory’. Researchers working within this domain study large societal transitions and try to understand how to influence, steer and accelerate transitions.

According to this thinking we aim to work on three different levels:

This image shows the different transition phases during a paradigm shift.

What are we doing on a Macro level?

Pushing the status quo: research and advice, multi-stakeholder projects, education: educating a new generation of professionals and current professionals to play their role wherever they work,  fuelling public debate by public presentations and publications.

See for example our work with:

What are we doing on a Micro level?

Development of Sustainable Business: initiation and support of social and sustainable ventures; we work with individuals and organizations that show that things can be done differently.

See for example our work with:

What are we doing on a Meso level?

Support the regime players in the transition: Sustainable strategy and Implementation support for companies and other organizations. Going beyond the theory to make it work in practice in existing organizations.

See for example our work with:

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