The Circular Economy is the only economy that will survive within the limits of our planet.

Therefore, it will become our new economic system. Allowing our economy to function and society to flourish on a planet with finite resources. We help sectors and companies to transform their business and value chains to become part of this future.

What is Circular Economy?

In today’s linear economy we adopted a take-make-waste approach to most of our consumer goods. Companies take materials to make goods. Consumers buy the goods and after use dispose them. Turning the materials into waste that is mostly incinerated or (in some countries) dumped in landfills.

The circular economy is a different approach. In it, we aim to retain value from used goods, reduce the dependency on resource extraction and keep materials ‘in the loop’ (in use) as long as possible. There is a clear role model: Nature. In nature no material is ‘lost’ as it is always part of another cycle. Unfortunately, we haven’t followed this model in shaping our economy. Your business can be part of reshaping our economy: the transition towards a circular economy!

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What does that mean for your business?

Depending on the kind of business you are running, there are various points of departure to start becoming more circulair. Some examples of what you could do:

Your organization is involved in production or construction

Can you switch to recycled materials? What alternatives are there for your supply? You can also think about transitions towards new revenue models. You can for instance, lease your product instead of selling it. Or adjust the product design to make sure the product can be repaired.

Your organization is involved in waste management

Can you secure high-value reuse of your waste through recycling? Higher value or the same is essential to the circular economy’s independence from natural resources.

Your organization is not involved in either of those

Yet also your organization uses materials. How does the 'metabolism' of your organization work? What materials go in and what flows out? What are your dependencies and risks? What are opportunities to reduce costs, increase efficiency or add value?

Your organization is exploring what steps it can take to become more circular

Your ambition is clear, but what would the concrete roadmap look like to achieve this ambition? What is the first step you could take?

Our Services

Depending on where your organization is on the road towards becoming circular, we offer services to help you take the next step. These services include:

Providing Insights and Analyses of Your Organisation

What materials do you use and what are opportunities to reduce risks and create value? We work with you to understand your organization's metabolism: what goes in, what goes out and what is the perspective for improvement.

Defining Strategy: Setting the Right Priorities and Objectives

We work together with you to turn information into strategy. We help you align your Circular Economy ambitions with your regular business strategy and your overall sustainability strategy.

Developing a Roadmap to Have a Clear Overview of Action Points

In a roadmap, we specify and divide responsibilities, set KPI's and develop a timeline. We can support you in developing a clear actionable roadmap that is backed up by everyone in your organisation.

Taking the Next Steps in Implementation: Integration, Training, Business Development

Together we start with or take the next step in implementing your Circular Economy strategy. Depending on your organisation's needs, we offer concrete support: integration in existing processes, development of new tools, in-house training and more.

Our Expertise

TheRockGroup has supported various young businesses based on the principles of the Circular Economy. For instance, we conducted studies for Goodhout, a Dutch start-up producing wood boards from coconut husks. But circular business models cannot only be implemented in new enterprises, TheRockGroup also worked with existing companies such as Schiphol Airport, a range of SME’s and multinational companies as Philips Vietnam,

DSM, Heineken, Unilever Vietnam in further developing their circular economy strategy and activities. For a few years we have been teaching courses on Circular Economy at the Universiteit van Amsterdam and developed University and professional training programmes in Hong Kong and several South-East Asian countries. Through various projects we constantly push the circular transition – not only in the Netherlands but also in Belgium and in Asia.

Check out our projects!

Are you ready to implement circularity into your organisation?

Would you like to embed a circular strategy into your organisation? Or do you have questions regarding your current strategy? Our partners are more than willing to discuss these topics with you and see where TheRockGroup can help your organisation.

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