Yitong Chen therockgroup
Yitong Chen


About: After working one year at TheRockGroup, Yitong decided to enrich her knowledge of risk analysis by studying Risk Analysis MSc at King’s College London focusing on environmental, health and social risks. At TheRockGroup, she participates in environment and health related research projects that enable her to apply the latest knowledge in the field. She…

Maren Nienhuis

Office Support

About: Maren is an important part of the support team and is in charge of office and administrative organization for TheRockGroup. Aside from her work at TheRockGroup she is responsible for organizing VONK every three months. All of this she completes along side her studies in tourism management which she hopes to use in future…

Yoram Knorringa

Digital Marketing Consultant

About: The interest in sustainable development started for Yoram when his dad brought him at a young age to the Fairtrade headquarters. Since then Yoram has written his Bachelor Thesis about Corporate Social Responsibility within the ING and has been part of several sustainability projects within the Accenture Netherlands. His passion for sustainability in combination…

Kelsey Walker


About: Kelsey’s has an international background, coming from the United States where she studied environmental science with an emphasis in coastal management. She has experience working in New Zealand in remote areas on biodiversity and conservation, Germany, and now the Netherlands. She uses her background in environmental science, nature conservation, earth science and environmental and…

Lettemieke Mulder

Associate Partner

About: For over 15 years, Lettemieke has lead cross-functional sustainability programs with triple bottom line value at global brands including Unilever, Tetra Pak, First Solar and Sony. Her strengths include multi-stakeholder partnering, sustainable value chain management, internal and external policy influencing and communications, and identifying and developing sustainability-based opportunities in markets globally. For TheRockGroup, Lettemieke…

Lotte Amelink


About: Lotte’s work includes business development projects for SME’s and farmer co-operatives in Latin America and Africa and developing responsible sourcing strategies for European companies in the food and retail sector. She worked for several multi-stakeholder platforms that focus on social and environmental challenges in international supply chains. Before joining TheRockGroup, Lotte worked in Latin…

Tim Bulters


About: Tim completed a bachelor Bèta-Gamma and Masters of Biology with an emphasis in Ecology and evolution at the University of Amsterdam. Before joining TheRockGroup he worked at the University in sustainability education. Now at TheRockGroup he continues his work in developing and giving sustainability education and training by coordinating the TESLA minor at the…

Jesse Arnon


About:  Jesse finds his motivation from implementing a business mindset to social and environmental challenges. His experience as a consultant ranges from CR strategy for Dutch multinational corporations to business development projects for SME’s in developing countries. Jesse has a critical mindset but is able to find creative solutions for (CR) business challenges. During his…

Pam van de Klundert


About: Pam joined TheRockGroup with an ambition to work on the implementation of sustainability in companies, as a consultant specialized in logistics, infrastructure and mobility. Before joining TRG she worked for the Dutch government in Singapore researching business opportunities for Dutch companies in the domain of smart cities. After her time there she worked as…

Bertus Tulleners


Distinguishing means from ends allows you to work on the right challenges in the transition to a sustainable economy and society. Phrased differently: don’t screw it up by confusing why & how. About: With an interdisciplinary background in Biology, Human Geography and Industrial Ecology Bertus has over 10 years experience in CSR and sustainable business.…